A Remedy for Frustration and Uselessness

Today was a bad day. On the scale of bad-day-ness, it rates about an 11. It earns this number because work was insanely frustrating. Not just the mildly annoying kind of frustrating, but bang-my-head-into-the-wall kind of frustrating. I own a marketing and communications company that helps small businesses, and it usually takes a lot to get me rattled. I’m accustomed to solving not only the company’s problems, but our clients, too. It is my job, and I really enjoy it about 90% of the time. Today falls into the other 10%.

I’m working on a big internal project, and it’s been an uphill battle from the start. I reached my boiling point today when I spent almost four hours on the phone with a support provider trying to figure out why something that should work perfectly fine was instead causing major upheaval. Nobody could give me answers. Everyone had a different solution to the problem. None of them worked. I’d spent almost an entire day trying to fix the problem. Nothing got done. I was annoyed. I lost my cool. I threw my phone at the floor. Fortunately, it’s carpeted.

At this point, I decided maybe it was time for a run.

I didn’t actually feel like going out. After all, I’d had enough of the day already. I didn’t need to add what I feared would be a bad workout to the tally of irritations. Yet I didn’t know how else to shake my feelings of complete frustration and total uselessness. Begrudgingly, I pulled on my running clothes and dragged my grumpy self out the door. Of course, it was raining.

I wouldn’t be derailed twice in one day, so I pulled my jacket over my Garmin and dove into the raindrops. It was cold. I cursed under my breath. I thought about turning back after half a mile.

But I didn’t.

As minutes turned to miles, I felt a little better. Not completely better, but enough so that I didn’t feel like banging my head into the wall. My Garmin was tucked under my jacket sleeve, so I had no idea how fast I was going. It didn’t really matter anyway. I wound my way through the neighborhood streets, the park, and then back toward my house. When I got there, I turned around and did another loop around the pond behind our place. I wasn’t ready to go in, despite the fact that it was getting cold and dark and rainier by the minute. I needed to feel like I accomplished something today. Anything. Even if it was just a handful of miles.

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