A Magic Morning

As I opened the door to leave for my run this morning, I was blasted with a surprise: cool air. Not the kind that you get when you wake up early on a summer morning to avoid the heat, but the kind that reminds you that the leaves will be falling soon enough.

As I waited for my Garmin to catch a satellite, I noticed two men dressed in all white doing what I’m guessing was tai chi. They were standing on the bridge over the pond behind my house. I watched them in awe for a minute – their every move perfectly synchronized.

Two miles in, I ran into a pack of bunnies. Yes, it literally was a pack of about half a dozen. Some were in the street. I’ve learned a thing or two about bunnies since we rescued (King) Patches from the shelter a couple years ago, so I knew how to approach them to get them to move away from the dangerous street. I realize this sounds a little like wrangling cattle, which I don’t imagine to be all that different.

Everything about the run was a little odd…a little off, especially for an August morning. But there was a beautiful strangeness to all of it.

It’s mornings like this that remind me why I love running. It’s random, unpredictable, and occasionally magic.

One thought on “A Magic Morning

  1. I love the random wildlife sightings a run can bring. A pack of bunnies would’ve delighted me, but I don’t know how to wrangle them in the right direction :/

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