About Me

I love to run. I’ve been doing it since middle school. That was almost 20 years ago. Yikes!

I run…a lot. Everyday, sometimes twice a day, and occasionally a third time when I’m training for a race, in a bad mood, or just feel like confirming the building maintenance staff’s belief that I am a “crazy runner girl.” Sometimes I run so I can eat two bowls of ice cream, instead of one. I aspire to qualify for Boston, run a sub 1:45 half, and be faster than our bunny, Patches.


While running I see a lot of things. Most of them are pretty normal — houses, cars, trees, other runners — but some are not. These things are what make some miles, runs, and races more interesting than others. These things are too funny, amazing, horrifying, sad and/or extraordinary not to be shared. So I give these things a place to live: here.

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